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Raising Meat Chickens For Eating - The Free Range Way

6 April, 2022 @ 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Worried about the huge increase in rising food costs? Concerned that there may be food supply issues? or maybe you are just thinking that you would like to control what goes into your food? - Then you need to come on one of our workshops. We are running this on 6th April - either come in the morning or evening, both workshops are the same. Not local to BN86JD? Come to the evening Zoom version, we want everyone rearing their own birds ….

Learn the basics of raising free range "meat" chickens for home consumption. This isn't a case of simply eating your spare cockerels, but a workshop dedicated to rearing the types of birds that are specifically selectively bred for meat consumption. You can then produce your own free range chickens in your back garden or smallholding. Not only does this mean meat with  with no chemicals or additives in your meat unless you put them there, but is a great way of rearing meat at less than a quarter of the cost of a buying one.

This workshop covers the rearing process from day old chicks, through to harvesting.

Raising your own meat chickens gives you complete food security, against supply issues, and huge increases in food pricing. They are also a good option for those just starting out in livestock production, who want to see if they can manage the realities of raising meat to eat. (it's not for everyone).

If you already keep garden chickens and are thinking meat birds can't be much different. THINK AGAIN.... There is so much more to raising a meat bird, if you have never done it, please book this workshop.

We will look at the different type of meat birds to raise, where to source your meat and table birds, the pricing at point of buying, how to care for your birds, giving your chicks the best possible start right from day old, minimising your mortality rates, and as you are rearing meat to eat, how to maximise your investment with maximum output.

Whilst some areas will be similar to raising normal garden chickens, there are massive differences in raising a meat bird, from the brooder, to the housing, the feeders, the waterers, let alone the meat production side to it. We will look at any problems to look out for when raising these meat birds, solutions, and top tips from an experienced grower.

We will also look at the costs of raising these birds versus what they are "worth" - you will be surprised !

This workshop forms part of our Food Security & Food Independence series, designed to help you become more self sufficient with your food options. For smallholders looking to increase income whilst living off of the land, we also give real life facts and figures on costings, which can all go towards a business plan if you are seeking an agricultural occupancy for a planning application.

Live chicks and chick crumb will available* to buy on this workshop - please bring a small box if you wish to purchase chicks. (If available* at the time)

* This workshop is set on a working smallholding and in a family kitchen environment where cats and dogs have been / are present - please inform the host of any allergies.

Can't make this date? Event sold out? We will be running this course several times in 2022, please check our diary for other available times. Please email our training organiser so that you will be on the list when we run the workshop again.


6 April, 2022
10:30 am - 12:30 pm
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