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Goldstone Rum - Distillery Private Tour

18 February, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Fancy a Tour Around "Goldstone Rum" Distillery ? With delicious tastings at the end?
On a walking tour of the distillery, you will learn how they take the raw ingredients through fermentation, distillation in their impressive 500 litre still. The team will give you the story behind Goldstone Rum® and a better understanding of the history of rum and how it varies around the world.

Finally, you’ll be led through a tasting where you’ll learn the flavour profile and characteristics, and which rum works best in which cocktail.

Covid  brought a lot of changes to us all, but an unexpected bonus was the birth of a rum distillery in Henfield.   John and Georgina wanted to be more creative and immerse themselves in something new.   John is a classically trained chef and his wife was brought up in a pub and Goldstone Rum is the result,To the best of their knowledge they are the only UK producer making rum with fresh sugar cane juice in the UK.  Their unique take is to blend four types of jaggery, panela with molasses and fresh sugar cane juice to produce a truly delicious UK rum

They opened at the end of last year, and Cat Bush our Social Events Manager has snagged us a lovely walking  t our around their distillery on 18th February 2023  Starting at 10.00 the tour takes about an hour and finishes with a tasting session!  Cat is happy to arrange car sharing, or even a mini bus……just let her know ….Cat 0784 830000 by text or calling.

Booking Essential - Open to members and non members.



18 February, 2023
10:00 am - 11:00 am
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